Environmental activities

Dr Russell-Jones is a well-known environmental campaigner and has been instrumental in influencing government policy in several important areas over the past 30 years. Currently he is the International Conference Organiser for  Help Rescue the Planet (HRTP), an environmental charity that he established in 2011. From 1981-83 he was medical and scientific advisor to CLEAR the Campaign for Lead Free Air and Chair of the same organization from 1984-89. The activities of CLEAR not only helped to persuade the UK government to introduce unleaded petrol, but also paved the way for the introduction of catalytic convertors on vehicles throughout the EU. From 1984-88 Dr Russell-Jones  chaired the pollution advisory committee at Friends of the Earth and was heavily involved in debates about  the health effects of ionizing radiation and ozone depletion. He has organized 4 international conferences on environmental issues: The Health Effects of Lead in 1982; Ionising Radiation in 1986; Ozone Depletion in 1988 and Climate Change in 2012. Edited proceedings were published of the 3 conferences held in the eighties and this led to action by the UK government in every case. The presentations given at the Climate Change Conference, held at the Royal Institute of British Architects from May 7-11 2012, were all professionally filmed and are now available on the HRTP website (www.helprescuetheplanet.com). All of Dr Russell-Jones’ environmental activities have been undertaken on a voluntary basis